Nicholson's donate to The Lowestoft Foodbank

Nicholsons Solicitors were delighted to deliver the donations collected by their staff to the Lowestoft Foodbank’s  ‘12 Donations of Christmas’ appeal.

The staff and Partners at Nicholsons have been collecting donations across their 3 offices over the last few weeks, and Sabina Haag and Amy Blissett had the pleasure of delivering the goods this week. We hope these donations will go a small way towards helping some of the many local families in need this winter.

We understand the Lowestoft Foodbank are really struggling to keep up with demand on everyday essential items, and we imagine other local foodbanks are in a similar position, so if you are able and willing to help, please contact your local foodbank who we are sure would be very grateful for any donations you can spare at this very difficult time for many people.