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Nicholsons administers the Waveney, Lower Yare & Lothingland Internal Drainage Board.  This is the Authority which has responsibility for drainage of the marshes in the Waveney, part of the Yare and the Lothingland Hundred River valleys. The Board was created on 1st September 2006 when it succeeded to the role previously carried on by twelve Internal Drainage Boards covering the same district.

The area for which the Board has responsibility is illustrated on this map.

The principal function of the Board is to provide flood protection within its area. This is achieved through close co-ordination with the Environment Agency which has responsibility for maintaining the main rivers. The Board also works closely with landowners, local authorities, Natural England and wildlife conservation bodies to ensure water levels are managed within the district in a manner which seeks to balance the requirements of conservation and productivity.

Part of the Board's drainage system operates by gravity and part is pumped. There is a network of 21 pumping stations within the district by which water is discharged from the marsh land into the main river. The cost of maintaining this system is funded partly from rates levied on agricultural landowners, partly from contributions received from the Environment Agency and partly from special levies on the local authorities.

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Antibribery Policy
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Policy Statement on Flood Protection and Water Management
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Publication Scheme (Information required under Freedom of Information Act 2000)
Risk Management Strategy and Policy
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Standing Orders
Summary Of The Suffolk Flood Risk Management Strategy 2016
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Financial Documents

A Summary of Electors Rights
Annual Internal Audit Report 2017 2018
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Income & Exp & Balance Sheet 2018
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Notice Of Conclusion Of Audit 2017
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